UFD have recruited personal ranging from unskilled labor to skilled labor to hight
skilled professionals for various sectors including Oils & Gas, Medical, and Engineering &
Information Technology for projects within Pakistan and for overseas principals. Our 
proven record, experience and dedicated services have earned the trust of many of our
clients and many of them have appointed us as their Executive Manpower Resources
Recruitment Agency to recruit and provide manpower of all kind of trades to all parts of
the world


UFD is currently recruiting nurses for fantastic opportunities across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Our nursing positions are for two years and come with fantastic benefits. We are recruiting female nurses with practical experience. They must have dataflow or/and Prometric exam certificate as per requirements of principals. We do dataflow and apply Prometric exam for nurses who have not already applied so it’s good for principals and applicants to be mind ease. Depending on the level and grade of your position, the contract may also include these benefits for your family.

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Male Nurses Jobs in saudi araba

male nurses

We supply huge quantity of male nurses ready with dataflow and prometric, our processing time is maximum 35 to 45 days till deployment after selection. All applicants with prior experience and having diploma in nursing and nursing degree as per need. We supply mostly in Oil & Gas and construction companies as well as in clinic and hospitals as per requirements. We also hire new male nurses and do their dataflow & apply their prometric to appear in SLE “Saudi licensing Exam”.

Resident, Specialist & Consultant Doctors

We recruit M/F doctors for gulf countries mostly in Saudi Arabia. We recruit residents, General Practitioners, General Physician, Specialist & Consultant Doctors in every specialty i.e  ENT, Gynaecologist, Dermatologists, Internist & so on. We prefer to hire applicants who have or will do Dataflow/Prometric exams.

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M/F Lab Technician

We recruit male & female lab technicians for various jobs types & positions in Saudi Arabia. Applicants must have diploma/degree in MLT. Lab Technology degree in chemistry, microbiology is also preffered.

M/F X-Ray Technician

We recruit male & female x-ray technicians for various jobs types & positions in Saudi Arabia. Applicants must have diploma/degree in Radiology. X-Ray Tech diploma is also considered.

Non-Medical Staff

We have wide range of manpower in every trades like official workers, IT & Accountants, Cleaning labour in hospital & companies. Although, all type workers to work in private companies and factories or under/in aramco. Special categories have also aramco approved licenses like Riggers, safety offiers, electrician, plumbers etc, All type labor manpower to work in every place.

Nurse Assistants

We recruit Nurse Assistants/Midwifes for clinical jobs in clinics, polyclinics, medical centers & hospitals as well as in home nurses duties for patient care. Must have diploma in nurse assistant, diploma in midwifery, diploma in LHV or LPN with PNC registeration.

M/F Physiotherapist

We just recruit male & female physio technicians and physiotherapists as per qualification and experience. They must have dataflow & Prometric.

M/F Anesthesia Tech

We recruit male & female anesthesia technicians for various jobs types & positions in Saudi Arabia. Applicants must have diploma/degree in Anesthesiology.

To Apply for Job

To apply for any job or if you have any query regarding job, Don’t hesitate to send us an E-mail at umerfarooq7672@gmail.com or Click here to send us text on WhatsApp.